Peace Love Kindness

"For it's money they have, Ray, and peace they lack." – James Earl Jones as Terrance Mann in "Field of Dreams"

The Individual 

Welcome. This site is written in response to what seems to me to be a society bent on self-destruction. We see the symptoms all around us – children killing children, people driven to poverty in the name of economic progress, meaningless wars. While we tend to think of these kinds of problems as isolated from each other, in fact nothing happens in isolation; everything is tied together through the culture that we have created. However, this is not to say that there is nothing that we can do to improve things. Ultimately, the purpose of this site is to end suffering, so naturally I believe that there is much that we can do to change what we have created.

From various readings and observations, I have come to believe that all things are the result of the right combination of conditions. For instance, an apple is produced when the tree it grows on has enough food and water. In the same way, we ourselves are the result of all the conditions that produced us. So many things come together to produce a human – genetic material, environmental conditions, social influences, etc. Each of us has a unique combination of these things and so we are all unique. However, we also have much in common in the midst of our variation.

Recognizing our commonality is a good step toward changing the conditions that have produced our society. If we change the conditions that produce society, we will then change that society. So by changing our approach to living, we change ourselves, and by changing ourselves, we change the world.

It is my intention to use this site to help you become aware of effective ways to make changes in your life that will end your suffering. And it is almost certain that as you end your own suffering, you will want to share your knowledge with your family and friends. This type of change is long lasting – step by step, person by person.