My Other Sites

Matlin Software Services
If you look around Peace Love Kindness you'll see that I ask for no donations. However, I don't get paid for this and do have to earn a living. So if you need a programmer, please visit Matlin Software Services. I have skills related to various Internet technologies as well others related to programming in general; see the site for details.

My Artwork
Contains links to view and purchase my artwork; see note above about earning a living.

Earth Standing Still
Currently devoted to decreasing use of plastic.

Sites that I visit for information
A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Helping to keep America truthful.

National Public Radio
They seem to at least try to be objective.

"countering rhetoric with reason" - similar to

The Yurica Report
Interesting collection of articles both by the site owner and others, with at least some from well-known publications.

Other organizations that I admire

Amnesty International
If we'd only listen...

Common Cause
"Holding Power Accountable"

A remarkable organization and a determined group of people.

Habitat for Humanity
Building houses seems like a much better way to help liberate people than destroying houses.
Good intentions and ideas. Please support them.

Stop Global Warming
If we want to end suffering, we have to take care of the Earth.

True Majority
People trying to take action for social justice; started by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's.

Organizations that have contacted me

Pilgrims of Peace
From their website: "PILGRIMS OF PEACE ORGANIZATION is a very newly established Organization, struggling in a very unique way for Global Peace, Human welfare & Unity, Environment, Animal welfare and Women rights. It will soon send a dedicated team consisting of Seven PILGRIMS (Four Females & Three Males, belonging to different Nations) who will travel around the world on Bicycles, and will deliver the messages of Peace, Unity and work for their Agendas." Recently I received an email from their founder, Dr. M Alam Azaad stating that they are unable to obtain the necessary visas to make their pilgrimage, which of course I don't understand.

The Child Labor Coalition
From their home page: "Promoting health, safety, education, and well-being for working minors. Pursuing an end to child labor exploitation." Tobacco Production and Unethical Labor Use
Related to the above item in spirit. From the site: "Federal law allows anyone above the age of twelve to work on farms, and this fact makes the work a natural target for children of low income families who seek to help their parents financially."